Tuesday, 2 August 2011

nearly catching up

Things at work have been really busy and so 23 things has fallen behind.

Thing 5 was reflective practice - which I looked at and would like to think that I do try and do. When I have attended courses I do think what I wanted from it and what I have got out of it, my boss is good at reminding me to do this - I am lucky. Blogs are a good way of keeping a record of things - just as a paper diary would have been in the past.

Thing 6 - online networks -

Linkedin - I have joined - I recently attended Springboard training , a programme specifically designed for women. As I work at the University of Leeds this is where I attended it but it is a national programme, run over 4 months. A previous attendee had set up a group on linkedin and I joined that group. My profile is very sketchy and am conscious is something that needs beefing up.

Facebook - I love facebook but not for work related things - but having said that would never put on something that I would not want my boss to know as some of my "friends" are people from work. However I can see that it can be used in a work related context just as twitter can - it is the blurring of boundaries - but is also the never switching off as well? We were talking at work recently about how before the advent of mobile phones/email - which alas alack I am old enough to remember - a holiday was a holiday - you left an office -and that was it - no work. Nowadays do we ever switch off?

Lispn - I joined this after attend the CILIP New Professionals Conference in 2010 where it was launched. I sometimes look at it and when I was considering a Masters course I did post a question on it.

These are the only online networks I use so am unable to comment on the others mentioned.

Thing 8 is google calendar -which I am not going to bother with, I use outlook for work, and have used it for such a long time with no trouble that I can't see the point of spending time learning another system. I am also old fashioned - I have a paper diary which goes everywhere with me - I have always used one, it functions as a notebook too - I can look back at them - a list generates a memory - a certain pen used can do the same. A few years ago I left one on the seat of a shopping trolley where it had been perched with my list - I never got it back and was very upset, it was a beautiful redstone diary, I loved it.

Thing 9 is Evernote - not had a go at this yet but having just read someones blog about how good it is I will have a go.

Thanks heavens nearly caught up.

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